grinding of sheet and tube material

Metal working machines, deburring, satinising

Sheet material
Sheet material is cut into the desired shape using laser cutters, but this process creates burrs on the cut surfaces and these burrs need to be removed. In addition, the total surface may require satinising.

Various types of stainless steel, steel and aluminium are processed by sanding (for surface smoothness) and deburring. In addition to removing the burrs, our machines and brushes make a radius on any edge and the surface is satinised for surface roughness (adhesion).

Pipes and tubes
The burrs produced on both the exterior and interior of mouldings when pipes and tubes are cut to length or saw cut at the required angle need to be removed. Cosma develops and produces brushes for this application and integrates these brushes into deburring machines. Disc brushes are often used for deburring plastic and metal (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) mouldings.

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