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Deburring brushes

Deburring of laser-cut products, metal

Deburring and edge rounding of metal, steel or aluminium

During production burrs are formed on semi-finished products or end products (for example, during laser cutting or sawing of pipes and tubes for window frames and doors).


Cosma deburring brushes remove these burrs and round off any sharp edges. The brushes are perfect for sanding, corrosion removal and processing stainless steel, steel or aluminium.

Cylindrical or disc brushes for your finish

Deburring brushes are suitable for both dry and wet deburring processes (with single-sided abrasive cloth, Scotch-Brite®, steel and nylon abrasive). We offer a range of cylindrical roller or disc brushes in various dimensions, grit sizes, abrasive cloths and Scotch-Brite® varieties, and we can completely customize our brushes to suit your application, material and desired finish.

Customized deburring brushes

Across all industries and markets, every process and product has its own specifications and requirements. Cosma can develop tailor-made brushes built to your specified dimensions and suited to your specific industrial surface treatments and manufacturing machines. We would be happy to recommend the right brush for you, so please feel free to ask us about the various options for your company’s specific requirements.

Deburring brushes for your deburring machine

Cosma supplies deburring brushes for nearly all metal working machines in the sheet metal working and metal profile industry, including Timesavers, Ernst, Q-fin, Grinding Master, Löwer, Weber and Costa. 

For your information: The Cosma deburring brushes meet the balancing standard Iso 1940-1 Q 6.3.

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