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Woodworking machinery Cosma sanding brushes sandpaper wheel brush

Wood working surface treatment

Brushing, sanding & aging wooden doors, frames, stairs

Surface technology for wood finishing machines

We apply our extensive knowledge of infinite surface techniques to the woodworking and wood processing industries, in terms of both the optimal utilization of processing machine/s (distressing machines and profile sanders) and the high performance of our brushes.

Sanding grooves, mouldings and hard-to-reach surfaces with sandpaper wheel brushes

Also sanding grooves, profiles and mouldings in the woodworking industry is a specialty of Cosma. For this purpose, we recommend the sandpaper wheel brushes because they sand only the groove without touching the rest of the surface. Cosma designs and manufactures the wheel brush to your groove type. The sandpaper brush flaps are cut-out to the profile of your groove, making sure you achieve the finishing you desire. The hard-to-reach places, e.g. the edges in the grooves, become reachable for sanding thanks to the brush wheel with special cut-out sandpaper. We offer a wide range of grits, brush diameters and brush lengths for efficiently sanding in any groove.

In addition, Cosma surface techniques are often used to create texture or apply oil.

Sanding doors, window frames, glazing bars

Typical products include doors, windows, window frames, glass trims, frames, architraves and window sills. This often involves preparing for further processes, such as denibbing surfaces in various forms to render the surface suitable for lacquering.

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