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​Cosma Borstelfabriek Holland

The Dutch brush manufacturer & machine builder for the wood industry


Cosma supplies brushes and machines for surface treatment in industrial production processes for wood, plastic and metal. One of our many specialties are production lines for the woodworking industry. Our focus is on the desired end result of the customer.


By applying our brush technology we create the desired surface finish. Often this means that in addition to a brush, Cosma also develops mechanization based on desired production speeds.


Our brushes and machines perform a range of surface treatments including: sanding, intermediate sanding, structuring, deburring, satinating, cleaning, dusting, oil and stain application.

The creation of the perfect combination of surface finish, production speeds, machine design almost always finds its origin in our test center.

Cosma - Borstelfabriek is a third generation family business that has been developing and producing brushes for almost all surface treatments for almost a century.

The surface treatment specialist for manufacturers


Structuring, sanding, applying and spreading oil or stain... No matter which surface treatment or treatments you need, Cosma helps. We offer a range of modular machines and specialist brushes which can process any product down to the finest detail. All our machines and brushes can be customized to suit your specific requirements.

Cosma Owners Familie Business Factory

Laura Christiaens and Edwie Christiaens, proud owners of Cosma Borstelfabriek Holland 

Since 1948 cost-saving & time-saving brush technologies


Manufacturers want to make money, but saving money is another financial objective that is also important. Together with Cosma, you can evaluate your production method and find ways to cut internal costs and save time. Efficient and cost-saving brush technologies and production methods is key for Cosma.

Brushes and machines tailored to your surface finish requirements and specified production speed ensure quality and time efficiency, thus cutting costs. 

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