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Get a better finish with Cosma Padbrushes

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Cost saving brush technology for the production of parquet and wooden floorings

Cosma padbrushes for parquet production machines: specially developed for spreading oil on distressed wooden floorings. Due to the special mix of nylon filaments and natural fibers the padbrushes achieve a much better spreading and penetration of the oil into the wood as the video shows.

  • Replace your traditional pads with Cosma Padbrushes

  • Suits any machine brand

  • Easy fitting & replacement

  • 300X longer lifespan

  • Much better finish with just one-way through

Replace your pads with Cosma Padbrushes and re-use them over-and-over

The Cosma padbrushes are much more durable than existing solutions. They last up to 300X longer and you can re-use them due to the special Cosma brush cleaning unit. Plus, did you know that the padbrushes do not waste any oil?! They use the exact amount without oil spilling.

Other advantages:

  • Re-use the padbrushes thanks to the brush cleaning unit

  • Quick ROI! Within just 1 year!

  • No more purchase of hundreds of traditional pads

  • Save oil - no oil waste & save money!

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