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Brushing forward: Sustainability

Reusing scrap/reclaimed wood for furniture, fences or floors is a very sustainable method of recycling natural materials. But it can be very labor intensive, because the wood is often damaged and cracked. Thus the wood needs to be processed properly to achieve that rustic look without splinters and fragments to assure customer safety.

However it is impossible to sand hundreds of scrap wood parts by yourself without hurting your arms and shoulders. Wood workers, furniture makers and carpenters have a tough enough job already and in order to reuse more scrap wood, we’ve built the Cosma wood brushing machines equipped with our rotary brushes.

Depending on how you want the wood to feel like, we adapt the brushes. A surface with an edge of roughness demands a different brush than a rustic surface with a soft-touch for a more modern look.

We also make customized brushes for those who already have a machine. The main goal is to reuse scrap wood, reclaimed wood and scaffolded wood as much as possible so we all can enjoy wood as long as possible.

See video here or click on the image above:

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