Vertical sander

Vertical sanding machine

sanding of doors and window, vertical sander

Specially developped for sanding doors and frames

Cosma has developed a sanding machine for door and window frame manufacturers whereby the products can be sanded while hanging on an internal transport system. The main advantage of this technique is that the products can remain hanging thereby decreasing the number of operations needed and also limiting damage. An added bonus is that there is reduced manual sanding.

This so-called vertical sanding machine sands doors and windows prior to the application of lacquer and can be used for both white wood sanding and denibbing.

The brushes are angled to ensure that all sides are sanded. Dust is then removed from the surfaces by a brush on every side of the product.

In addition to the machine, Cosma can also supply the complete enclosure and advice regarding dust extraction and dust extraction equipment.

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