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Pad brushes for oil spreading machines

Oil and stain spreading brushes

Spreading oil and stain, wood, parquet

Pad brushes and rotary brushes

In the production of products such as wooden floors or stairs, oil is applied with a roller coater.
The pads and cylindrical brushes (made of a combination of natural fibres and synthetic filaments) spread the oil evenly over the surface. For (deeply) structured surfaces, the special Scotch-Brite® pad and pad brush (for the pad position) offer the perfect solution.

Longer life span

The padbrushes last up to 300 times longer than traditional pads, thanks to the padbrush cleaning unit. This unit cleanses the padbrushes so you can re-use them over-and-over. 

Rotary horsehair brush for spreading stain

Cosma’s cylindrical horsehair brushes provide the best results for spreading water-based stain on wooden floors, scaffolding wood and other products.

Cleaning units

Our special brush cleaning machines are ideal for cleaning pad and cylindrical brushes which are used for oiling wooden floors or stairs.

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