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Industrial cleaning brushes

Cylindrical brushes for dusting

Wood dust extraction system combined with brushes

All processes, from sanding and distressing to deburring and contamination removal (for scrap wood), generate dust. A good extraction system is therefore essential, but Cosma goes one step further in order to ensure a dust-free work environment.

Cosma uses various techniques to keep surfaces dust-free so that further processing steps run smoothly. It is important to prevent dust from returning to the treated surface (for example, when applying lacquer or stain).  Cosma brushes keep the dust moving before it disappears into the extraction system.

Nylon or natural fibre brushes

If your products are slightly soiled, they can be brushed clean with either nylon or natural fibre brushes or blown or sprayed clean with (compressed) air in blower or wind jet units.

Customized cleaning brushes

Across all industries and markets, every process and product has its own specifications and requirements. Cosma can develop tailor-made brushes built to your specified dimensions and suited to your specific industrial surface treatments and manufacturing machines. We would be happy to recommend the right brush for you, so please feel free to ask us about the various options for your company’s specific requirements.

Steel or nylon abrasive brushes

For heavily soiled surfaces (due to years of use or contamination), steel or nylon abrasive brushes can be used to restore the rustic look. For scrap wood, we use flexible nylon abrasive brushes with a grit size of 60, 80 or 120 mm or fine steel brushes. Even wood from a ship hull or railway wagon can once again be given the appearance it deserves.

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