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Power tool brushes

Electric drill, angle grinders

Power drill and angle grinder brushes

Our knowledge of industrial mechanical sanding brushes is also very useful for brushes for hand-held tools, such as drills and angle grinders, which are perfect for small runs.

Antiquing wood with drill brushes

For drills, we offer distressing brushes with a mounting attachment (diameter 160 mm, working width 50 mm, maximum rotational speed of 1,500 rotations per minute). For M14 angle grinders, our brushes have a diameter of 140 mm, a working width of 50 mm and a maximum rotational speed of 4,500 rotations per minute. Both types are available in a grit size of either K46 or K60.

Customized tool brushes

Across all industries and markets, every process and product has its own specifications and requirements. Cosma can develop tailor-made brushes built to your specified dimensions and suited to your specific industrial surface treatments and manufacturing machines. We would be happy to recommend the right brush for you, so please feel free to ask us about the various options for your company’s specific requirements.

Power tools sanding brushes

For hand-held tools, we make sanding brushes with a maximum diameter of 190 mm, a working width of 50 mm and a maximum rotational speed of 1,500 rotations per minute. These brushes are available in a range of grit sizes, from 60 to 600.

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