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Stainless Steel Pipes


Surface treatment for metal and plastic components

Extrusion cleaning

In some cases, surfaces require processing post-production in order to meet aesthetic and technical requirements. Extrusion and deburring are a good example of this. Cosma sanding products can solve this problem immediately on both plastic and metal surfaces.

In most processes, a satinising or deburring brush creates even lines across the length in the extrusion direction of aluminium or composite material.

This processing alters the surface roughness and thereby the visual and technical aspects of the product, for example by creating adhesion or removing contamination.

Customized brushes

Across all industries and markets, every process and product has its own specifications and requirements. Cosma can develop tailor-made brushes built to your specified dimensions and suited to your specific industrial surface treatments and manufacturing machines. We would be happy to recommend the right brush for you, so please feel free to ask us about the various options for your company’s specific requirements.

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