Videos surface finishing brushes and machines

Sanding, distressing, deburring, oil spreading and more.

Cosma brushes and machines are used for surface finishing, such as sanding, structuring, oil spreading, cleaning, deburring and more. Our solutions are applied in the woodworking, metalworking and plastic processing industries. Discover here our videos in the following categories:


Cosma - What we do



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Video Cosma's custom-designed brushes 




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Video Cosma's wood distressing brushes 




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Video Cosma's sanding brushes - wood    




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Brushes and machines for wooden floorings and parquet


Oil spreading with Padbrushes



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 Padbrush cleaning machine 



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Perfect coverage - Cosma oil spreading



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Deburring brushes


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4-Edge Sander with Cosma Sanding brushes


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