Preparation before lacquering - Machine with disc brushes

The Cosma 700K

sanding of sandwich panels

Surface treatment of sandwich panels – Sanding & Dusting

The Cosma 700K machine is used for (pre) sanding and creates a better adherence of the paint/lacquer. There are several brushes used in this machine. Thanks to these different brush techniques, the sectional doors or other panels are sanded and dusted in just one pass.  

Disc brushes 

In the Cosma 700K machines disc brushes are placed in a carrousel that spins across the surface of the product. Universal connections make brush changeovers easy and fast. For every desired finish, there is a disc brush to suit. In this particular application the disc brushes process the surface of sandwich panels to prepare them for lacquering. The processing also includes dusting.

Video the Cosma 700K with disc brushes  




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