LED UV drying

drying LED oil

Parquet production, wood flooring production, UV cure

Cosma’s LED curing system instantly dries and hardens LED UV oils. Within a matter of seconds, the product is dry and ready for the next layer of oil or for packing.

As standard, we use an electrically controlled height-adjustment system on all our machines, so you can easily adjust the height of the application rollers, pads and brushes with the utmost precision. This also applies to the LED unit, allowing it to be positioned at the correct distance from the wood. Not only does this ensure optimal drying, but it also offers exceptionally fast set-up times for products of varying heights. In addition to providing instant product drying, LED UV has significantly lower energy requirements and releases no ozone gases, and the lamps have an extremely long lifespan in comparison to traditional UV lamps. In summary, this option is quicker, cheaper and environmentally friendly, with low maintenance costs.

LED oil can be used on all Cosma Roller Coaters and oil spreading machines. Cosma – Borstelfabriek Holland’s machines are modular, making it easy to add the LED dryer to either existing or new production lines. 

You can find more information about Cosma's products for wooden floor processing, including LED UV drying, in our brochure.

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