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Cosma Borstelfabriek Holland builds surface finishing machines for the wood, metal and plastic processing industry. The machines have been specially developed and designed for specific surface treatments using brushes. Cosma is the expert when it comes to woodworking machines and the possibilities of surface treatments for all types of wood (oak, pine, spruce, etc.). Cosma also offers solutions for metalworking such as deburring and satinizing machines. In addition, the surface techniques also apply to plastic processing machines. Whatever your type of material (wood, aluminum, steel, plastic), Cosma builds the machine for your production process. Need advice or would like to test the machines? You are very welcome to visit the test center in Weert, the Netherlands.


Distressing wood machine - Cosma Machine Factory

wood brushing, aging, graining

Wood sanding machine PL3002B- Cosma Machine Factory

white wood sanding, denibbing

Profile sander - Cosma Machine Factory

sanding of profiles, mouldings and architraves

Roller coater double RCRC - Cosma Machine Factory

applying oil and stain, lubricating wood

Oil spreading machine, 2 padbrushes, 2 roller brushes - Cosma Machine Factory

spreading oil and stain, wood finishing

Cleaning machine for cylindrical brush - Cosma Machine Factory

after oil or stain application, washing brushes

Deburring machine - Cosma Machine Factory

metal deburring and satinising

Brushing machine - Cosma Machine Factory

deburring saw cuts, rounding edges

Edge sanding machine - Cosma Machine Factory

sanding sides, rounding and deburring edges

Windjet dedusting - Cosma Machine Factory

wind jets, blowing, brushing, dust removal

Robot arm for sanding or deburring Kawasaki - Cosma Machine Factory

sanding large items, robot arm

Vertical sander - Cosma Machine Factory

sanding of doors and window, vertical sander

Conveyor belt - Cosma Machine Factory

input/throughput, with/without motorisation

Conveyor brush cleaning unit - Cosma Machine Builder

conveyor cleaner, washing

Built-in brush unit - Cosma Machine Builder

for any production line, existing or new

Pre-owned - used machines

currently no machines available 

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Cosma Borstelfabriek Holland
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T: +31 (0)495 532 354
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